USGI Static Line Snap Hook Assembly w/ Safety Pin and Lanyard

Airborne Apparel Co.

SKU: 008200313

It's the one piece of Airborne equipment that never got to go out the door. You remember how it felt in your hand, the sound it made when you hooked up. We can't get your knees back into the breeze, but we can provide a little bit of nostalgia with our authentic static line snap hook assembly

Tested to be fully functional, but easy there, Airborne - we mean the button depresses, the gate opens and closes, the included authentic (meaning bent to hell) safety pin easily fits in the hole, and the assembly is intact - we DO NOT claim this item to be a serviceable air item.

The longest-serving snap hooks in the Airborne, the MS7120 (and variants) were part of the T10 (and earlier) parachute systems which served the Airborne from the early 1950s through its retirement in 2014.