307th Medical Battalion

While the 307th Med continues its legacy of excellence after having been re-designated twice, first to the 307th Forward Support Battalion (FSB) in 1994, and most recently as the 307th Brigade Support Battalion (BSB), it's essential to recognize the storied history of the 307th Med before its reorganization.

On 5 August 1917, the 307th Sanitary Train was constituted in the National Army and assigned to the 82nd Infantry Division. The unit was organized in Camp Gordon, Georgia, on 20 September 1917, to aid in support of World War I. For their efforts during World War I, the 307th earned three campaign streamers for St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, and Lorraine.

On 9 May 1919, the 307th was demobilized at Camp Dix, New Jersey. After nearly 17 years, the 307th was reconstituted on 24 November 1936 in the Organized Reserves as the 307th Sanitary Train. The 307th was again assigned to the 82nd Division and concurrently consolidated with the 307th Medical Regiment (Active).

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In October 1941, the location of the unit changed to Jacksonville, Florida. On 30 January 1942, the 307th Sanitary Train was redesignated as the 307th Medical Battalion and ordered onto active status on 25 March 1942 and sent to Camp Claiborne, Louisiana.

On 15 August 1942, Headquarters and Headquarters Company became the 307th Airborne Medical Company as an element of the 82nd Airborne Division. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta companies were inactivated in Camp Claiborne, Louisiana.

307th Med in WWII
In 1943 the 307th made their first combat jump with the 82nd Airborne Division completing three combat jumps into Sicily, setting up a medical clearing station. For eleven days, the 307th clearing station was the only American medical service available in Naples.

The 307th participated in "Operation Overlord" jumping and landing by glider into Normandy, France, hastily constructing a shelter and treating over 4,000 casualties.

In September, the 307th jumped into Holland, where they set up a clearing station in an open field near Grosbeek. Four medical teams worked around the clock to maintain medical service for ten days.

During the famous "Battle of the Bulge," the 307th established a clearing station in Belgium and later moved it to Cologne, Germany.

The 307th earned six combat streamers for their service in World War II. Three with arrowheads for assaults. Other decorations include the Presidential Unit Citation, the Meritorious Unit Commendation, three French Croix de Guerre with palm, the Belgium Fourregere, Military Order of William, and the Netherlands Orange Lanyard.

On 15 December 1947, the unit was reorganized and reconstituted as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 307th Medical Battalion with organic units concurrently activated at Ft Bragg, North Carolina.

On 18 May 1948, the unit became the 307th Airborne Medical Battalion, and on 15 November 1948, it was withdrawn from the Organized Reserves and allotted to the Regular Army.

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On 1 September 1957, the 307th was renamed the 82nd Medical Company (Airborne). Then on 25 May 1964, the 307th was renamed again, this time the 307th Medical Battalion.

In 1965 the 307th deployed to the Dominican Republic for "Operation Power Pack," where the 307th furnished medical support to military and civilian casualties.

During February 1969, A Company deployed to the Republic of Vietnam with the 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division. Due to extensive demands, the company split into two separate elements. They stayed this way for most of the tour.

The two elements established Bolling Hospital, named after the 3rd Brigade Commander, Brig. General Alexander Bolling Jr. and established Brady Dental Clinic, named in honor of Major R. Brady, the 3rd Brigade dental officer. A Company earned the Republic of Vietnam Civil Action Honor Medal for this campaign.

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In late October 1983, the 307th deployed to the Island of Grenada as part of "Operation Urgent Fury," setting up clearing stations and a hospital on the airstrip at Point Salinas. They also provided medical support to the island hospital in St. Georges.
In late December of 1989, B Company was alerted and deployed to the Republic of Panama for "Operation Just Cause" supporting the 1st Brigade. B Company participated in the first divisional combat jump since World War II, jumping into Tocumen-Torrijos Airfield. Also, B Company delivered eight babies during their deployment to Panama.
On 9 August 1990, the 307th was alerted and sent as the first medical unit to Saudi Arabia to support "Operation Desert Shield." During "Operation Desert Storm," the 307th deployed 250 miles into Iraq and is credited with saving numerous U.S. lives as well as treating Iraqi soldiers and civilians during combat.
In August 1992, the 307th provided medical support to civilians and military personnel during Hurricane Andrew relief efforts in the hurricane-ravaged area of South Florida.
On 16 April 1994, the unit was converted and re-designated as the 307th Support Battalion (Forward). The 307th was composed of three separate companies, including Headquarters and A Company, which consisted of the Battalion Headquarters and a Supply Company, B Company (Direct Support Maintenance), and C Company (Forward Support Medical Company).

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