Phantom Airborne Brigade

We're proud to not only partner with Phantom Airborne Brigade, but to also be dues-paying members and active jumpers.

Our collaboration with Phantom helps support their mission by providing:

Phantom Airborne Brigade paratrooper jumping from a C-47


If you look back on your time in the harness, one feeling that generally doesn't come to mind is "therapeutic". Between the hurry-up-and-wait, the sweating, the heavy ruck between your legs... all of that fun - there isn't much you could consider calming about the process. But if you jump forward 5, 10, 30 years - it's a different story. Especially if you're dealing with a disability. One of the things we LOVE about Phantom Airborne Brigade is how they not only accommodate Paratroops with challenges, they encourage them to join. Here's the first part of the story of one such Ranger & Paratrooper, Pat McElrath.

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Phantom Airborne Brigade is an all-volunteer non-profit community for Active Duty, Retired, and Veteran Paratroopers to continue static line jumps in a familiar military style.

Established around 1980 by military-trained airborne personnel, it provides a platform for paratroopers worldwide to engage in jumps, with over 20,000 descents completed safely. Their mission stems from a dedication to preserving the airborne tradition and camaraderie among military parachutists beyond their service, emphasizing the importance of this unique brotherhood.

To learn more about Phantom Airborne Brigade, visit their website or follow them on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram