About Airborne Apparel Company

Airborne Apparel Company knows that when veterans talk about unit shirts - we're talking about the one our unit issued us, not one we bought at the PX. We're talking about the shirt we wore as we double-timed hundreds of miles at OH-DARK-THIRTY... shedding gallons of alcohol-infused sweat... while wondering who busted ass in the front of the formation.

We're talking about the shirt that suffered with us through company picnics and "mandatory fun," and slow-as-fu*k division runs. The shirt that's now most likely too worn out or too small for you to wear anymore.


That shirt. 


We recreate your unit shirts as accurately as possible. Why? Because we pride ourselves on something every Veteran, especially Airborne Veterans, understand; attention to detail. 


Owned by a former 82nd Airborne Paratrooper who served as an NCO in both the MI (96R2P) and Signal Corps (25V3P), Airborne Apparel Company, originally began life as Auto City Artworks, an online extension of stores operated in several Metro Detroit area malls. Then one day, our owner found his old battalion PT shirt from the 90s. It had become almost as unserviceable as he has.


Using government-issued graphic design skills, he recreated the artwork, found a great source for printing t-shirts, and ordered a replacement.

Once others in the battalion Facebook group saw the new shirt, they wanted new ones, and sales began. Soon, requests for other unit shirts and gear started coming in and it didn't take long for Auto City Artworks to shift fire to provide original and reproduced unit-specific gear for fellow airborne (and yes, some nasty leg) veterans. 

In the winter of 2022, we relocated our offices from Metro Detroit to a quiet slice of rural Michigan known as Osseo. Here we now have the space to expand our print shop and transition all of our production in-house to provide even better customer service and higher quality products. As we were making all of these other changes, we realized that the name Auto City Artworks no longer reflected who we are or who we're serving. So after some thought, some research and plenty of legal paperwork, in the summer of 2022, Auto City Artworks officially changed names to Airborne Apparel Company. 

As our in-house transition continues, we're also building a new online shop that will soon allow customers to customize many of our products as well as adding custom exciting new features that will allow veteran groups as well as active units and FSG's to source shirts and have fundraising opportunities. Stay tuned!