Yellow Safety Lanyard

Airborne Apparel Co.


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"Acquired" from the lowering line, often on their final jump, the yellow safety lanyard has been attached to the keychains of Paratroops for generations as a souvenir of their time on jump status. It is a subtle signal that fellow Airborne Veterans will immediately recognize but leaves legs confused.

 For those that never snagged one on the DZ, had theirs stolen by a jealous Marine, burned in a nasty divorce, or lost along the way; Airborne Apparel Company is proud to offer the YSLK (Yellow Safety Lanyard Keychain), and its variants.

  • USGI YLW. SAFETY LANYARD - This is a straight-up OG Yellow Safety Lanyard taken from surplus lowering lines. Some of these will look nearly new, others show clear signs that they exited more aircraft than you have.  LIMITED AVAILABILITY. RESTOCKED WHEN SUPPLY ALLOWS.
  • YLW. SAFETY LANYARD (REPRODUCTION) - These are exact reproductions of the original, handmade in our Michigan shop from raw stock. We dug deep and located the original GSA contract and then sourced those materials (even the thread and gutted 550) from the same U.S. suppliers as GSA contractors.